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Local Records Support Special Needs Charity

War Cry Records artists Flowerbox and Dysphunctional Species donate to the Grace Project

In isolated Northern California, the music scene runs on community. Bands don’t get very far without
helping one another out, and sometimes that spirit of giving extends to the community at large.

War Cry Records of Point Arena is now donating 5 percent of all sales to the Grace Project, a new
charity that helps special needs families travel. The label is kicking off this initiative with a new album
from Flowerbox to be released April 10 and another album from Dysphunctional Species due later this

The releases coincide with the Ultimate Fighter finale on April 13 in Las Vegas, featuring Urijah Faber,
who has pledged a portion of his purse to the charity as well. Faber and Dysphunctional Species band
leader Prometheus Glover both have special needs individuals in their families and founded the charity
together earlier this year. Based in Point Arena, the Grace Project plans trips for special needs families
that range in scope from giving an inner-city family a chance to recreate in the country, to larger
functions where multiple families come together for activities, adventures, relaxation, concerts, and

Flowerbox is a duo of one man and one woman who perform a mellow brand of hip-hop that draws
from the singer-songwriter tradition. Their new album, “Live at Prairie Sun Studios,” is the bands first
release. They are a personal favorite of Faber. “Flowerbox is legit,” he says. “Those guys are good.”

Dysphunctional Species is a multiple vocalist psychedelic hip-hop experience that has been leading
magical dance parties on the West Coast for over a decade. Their new album, the band’s second, is
titled “Endless Nights.”

“There’s so much talent up here and people doing things that they love,” says Faber, who trains in Point
Arena. He and War Cry Records are thrilled to help be able to help families with special needs children
through their talents.

Contact information:

Prometheus Glover
The Grace Project

Flowerbox record release Show march 23rd at Aubergine

Flowerbox record release Show march 23rd at Aubergine

Flowerbox live @ 19 Broadway in Fairfax California

Flowerbox live @ 19 Broadway in Fairfax California

yes yall… Flowerbox joins up with Members of Vinyl Jonathan Korty and Lex Razon! this will be an amazing Combination!

Have you ever seen Flowerbox Live!?

Have you ever seen Flowerbox Live!?

Thursday January 31st 2013 @Madrone art bar in sf 7-9pm


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